Huge Savings on Energy Spend.

Energy prices are rising year on year. Fact. In the last five years, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, energy prices have risen 52%. By installing LED lighting you can reduce your lighting bill from between 40 to 75%. Sometimes more!

Quality Control issues.

Have you had product you manufactured returned to you because of poor quality to discover that your trusted expert worker couldn't see what he was doing? The light levels attainable by LED lighting are far greater than old technology such as incandescent or fluorescent. When they do fade, late in the lifespan, it is by no more than 15%.

Write the LED Investment off against tax.

The Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme allows your company to write off your investment in energy saving technology against your company tax liability.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

Are you in a supply chain where increasing pressure is being put on you to reduce your Carbon Footprint? The installation of LED lighting in your workplace will reduce that footprint by literally tonnes!

Health and Safety for your workforce and working environment.

Dimly or poorly lit areas within the workplace can have a bearing on Health and Safety. Blown or fading lamps not being replaced don't help. In addition CFLs and Fluorescent contain mercury and phosphorus. Pretty nasty stuff and you have to pay to dispose of the spent bulbs. When LED lamps do eventually wear out it costs you nothing to dispose of them because they are solid state. That also means NO Ultra Violet or Infra Red emissions and no flickering which can effect some staff with migraine headaches.

Out of Control Maintenance Costs.

Maybe your unit operates under metal halide or sodium low bay light boxes. And the cost of hiring a scissor lift means that you wait until the last minute to replace the bulbs. With the lifespan of LED approaching 50,000 hours that expense and inconvenience is eliminated.

Need additional power for new equipment.

And your utility company wants to charge you ,000s of £s for a new supply that ultimately you don't own! By changing your lighting to LED lighting and substantially reducing your kilowatt usage and ampage you will be able to avoid that expense, find the power you need with the added benefit of long term maintenace free lighting.

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